Webroute: Long leg in WOC relevant terrain

Posted by Jan Kocbach, 28 Apr 2010@5:00

Theoretical routechoice analysis is very good o-technical training – especially when you are forced to draw your route in Webroute. We will try to serve you some interesting webroutes/routechoice quizzes here at o-training.net – or point to other interesting ones. If you have some worth sharing, please add them in the comments here or directly to the o-training.net wiki at the appropriate place.

Resources in o-training.net related to routechoice exercises:

Chosen leg: Bjugn 25/4/2010

The chosen leg this time is from the long distance event in Bjugn close to Trondheim in Norway the previous weekend. This terrain has some WOC relevancy, and may therefore be of interest to many top runners. The leg is especially interesting due to the fact that there was full GPS tracking of all runners for this competition – the runners choosing a variety of different routes. First draw your route below – then take a look at the GPS tracking here.

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