Training Camp Time: Video-intro to 2DRerun!

Posted by Jan Kocbach, 23 Feb 2012@5:00

Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Italy – most elite orienteers go south to training camps at this time of the year. Quite a few use 2DRerun for GPS-analysis at the training camps. As I get a lot of request about how to use 2DRerun, I made a 13 minute screencast which walks you through the basics.

Even if the screencast is made without preparations, I think you will be set to start using 2DRerun for analysis at your training camp after watching the screencast. Please watch in HD-quality and full-screen to see all details. Uploading of map and routes is handled in different screencasts which have been online for a long time already – you do that through the usual 3DRerun interface. See also some further tips below the video.

  • Remember to use only 2 points for calibration if you use QuickRoute for calibration.
  • If you use Doma as map archive, you are encouraged to upload your maps to your doma-archive, and use the new on-demand upload to 3DRerun from Doma functionality (so that I don’t have to use up my server for the map files).
  • An added benefit if you use the new Doma version 3 is that you automagically get the blank map as background map in 3DRerun (even if you upload to your Doma with a non-transparent route).


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Comment by Kjell Blomseth

February 26, 2012 @ 23:19

Nice Jan!
Short, and to the point. I really needed this as a repetition.

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