EOC Middle Qual: GPS analysis

Posted by Jan Kocbach, 14 May 2012@14:15

The Middle Qualification opened the European Championships today – with all women runners carrying a GPS. Here you find a quick GPS analysis of the race. As this was a qualification race, focus is more on where the race was lost than on where it was won!

This article is part of the EOC 2012 GPS-analysis series. In a cooperation with the EOC 2012 organizers, World of O/O-training.net will do GPS-analysis after each of the EOC races in Sweden the coming week.

Jansson versus Alexandersson

The above illustration compares the routes of  two of the big profiles of this Europan Championships – Swedish Helena Jansson and Tove Alexandersson – finishing 1st and 2nd in Heat 3. As you can see (check out Jansson versus Alexandersson in 2DRerun for yourself to go further in the analysis), the main difference in this second part of the course seems to be running speed in the tougher parts of the terrain (yellow) and the last uphill.

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Looks easy – can be tricky


The courses look seemingly easy when looking at them at the map, but still there were lots of mistakes made – mostly direction mistakes as you can see in the GPS-tracking from the women. A combination of running speed and good direction were the key ingredients to get to the finals. And of course accurate orienteering in the green areas.

One runner who had some problems in the start of the race was Norway’s Heidi Bagstevold. As you see on the illustration above, 45 degrees off already to the first control lost her more than half a minute. A bad compass direction to number 3 cost another 20 seconds – and then the big 3-minute mistake at number 6.  Happy ending for Bagstevold, though: She managed to keep the speed and secure her orienteering on the rest of the course, and made it to the A-final.



Looking at the spreading of routes on this leg from control 7 to control 8, it is obvious that straight is fastes (green color = fast). Looks like some might need to practice a bit more compass running before the A- and B-finals?

Although direct was faster in almost all legs today – there is no rule without exception. On the leg to number 11 (see below) it seems like the road option to the left is slightly faster. The reason for this is the tough terrain direct.




Comment by Sven A

May 14, 2012 @ 17:52

Jansons vs. Alexandersson
Intresting, but i belive the big difference is that Tove runs Long Qualification tomorrow and Helena doesn´t. At least I hope so! ;-)


Comment by Jan Kocbach

May 14, 2012 @ 17:58

@Sven: Thanks for comment! As this was a qualification race, I think the speed in the tougher parts of the terrain is more tactics than any clear indication about who is in better shape. They had about equal speed the first part of the course, so I would not read anything special out of this. The other illustrations about where the qualification was “lost” is more interesting in that regard I would think :) But it is still always nice to compare the best. Technically I would say Tove’s race is slightly better except for maybe something in the very end (but it is always difficult to compare when the runners don’t run 100%)

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