Orienteering Exercises - Route choice

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Route choice Exercises

Course planner for competitionTake the job as course planner for a competition.Route choice, Theoretical exercise, Route planning
Keep the pen runningTake any map, and draw your planned route choice while keeping the pen running all the way from start to finish - never stopping even for half a second, planning your route as you draw.Route choice, Flow, Theoretical exercise, Route planning
Leg splitting - theoreticalTake a course with several long/half-long legs. For each leg, divide the leg into parts by identifying your attackpoints, i.e. the points on the leg which are your safe points where you need to be 100% sure about where you are. Mark these attackpoints on the map, and then continue with drawing your planned route for the leg. Repeat for all legs in the course.Simplification, Route choice, Theoretical exercise, Route planning
Route choice testingCourse with many long legs with route choice alternatives. The time for the different routes are compared. See below for several variants. Comparing GPS tracks after the training is a very good way to evaluate the training.Route choice
Route to ChristmasThe Route to Christmas series gives you a lot of Route Choice cases to solve. You first get to see a leg without routes, and then the routes of the runners.Route choice, Theoretical exercise, Route planning