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O-training.net: The idea

O-training.net is planned to be the main resource for Orienteering Technical training available online. O-training.net will try to gather all the resources available on the internet in one place. The intention is that this will be the place to go for everybody wanting to improve as an orienteer.

The main content will be O-training exercises, but other kind of resources like training camp sites, orienteering trainers, weblinks etc. will also be included. O-training.net is community-driven, and therefore in the end it is YOU who decide what these pages will contain.

How to contribute

The main part of O-training.net is built up as a community-driven wiki, where everybody is allowed to contribute. In an ideal world, we'd allow anonymous edits at O-training.net, but due to todays spam-problems in the Internet, you will have to request an account to contribute to O-training.net.

Beta testers are very welcome!


O-training.net is part of WorldofO.com.