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Overview articles

  • Thierry Gueorgiou's technique: Full speed - no mistake
    • Read Gueorgiou's story - Part I [1] and Gueorgiou's story - Part II [2] -
    • Thierry Gueorgiou's Golden Route - Explanation control by control from WOC 2004 Middle distance [3]
  • Martin Lerjen: Analyze your mapreading [4]
  • Norwegian text: Hans Jørgen Kvåle og Kim André Sveen. Hjelpemidler for O-teknisk analyse: - Hvilken feedback kan man få fra ulike hjelpemidler for o-teknisk analyse og hvor anvendelige er disse for løpere og trener?
  • Discussion about navigation technique at Attackpoint.org [5]
  • Series about O-technical training at OPN.no [6] (Link to last published part as of April 11th 2010)
  • Training ideas of the Swiss Orienteering Team (2007 - PDF-presentation, a lot of info) [7]
  • Emil Wingstedts training principles (Czech text, PDF) [8]

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