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Concentration Exercises

Downhill intervalsRun fast uphill and orienteer downhill while you are tired (overspeed). There are many variants - some of them are described below. Also called Sævig intervals in Norway.Concentration, Overspeed orienteering
Indoor orienteeringOrienteering race indoors, typically in a gym. Good exercise if it is not possible to run outside - also a good exercise for beginners.Map reading, Concentration
Map memoryThe runner gets a map showing the next control, and must memorize the leg. At each control, the runner gets another control.Map memory, Concentration
One man relaySeveral courses from the same starting point - one runner runs all courses. Mass start. Typically some parts of the courses overlap.Concentration, Overspeed orienteering
Orienteering intervalsSeveral short courses (alternatively parts of a long course) which are run at high speed, with a pause between each course. Several variants are described.Concentration, Overspeed orienteering, Speed adaption
Traffic light orienteeringRun a normal course with varying difficulty. Before starting on each leg, have a plan ready for the coming leg in which you categorize your route into three categories: Green for the parts where you can run without much attention to the orienteering, orange for parts where you have to give some attention to the orienteering and red for the parts where you have to put a lot of attention to the orienteering (e.g. probably slow down significantly, based on your technique). Run the leg according to this plan.Concentration, Inside the control circle, Speed adaption
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