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Compass Exercises

Attackpoint identification trainingA special course is made in OCAD in which the area around the control is whited out. The runner must identify an attackpoint outside the whited out area, use the compass to get through the whited out area and into the control circle, and then orienteer accurately the last part to the control location.Compass, Attackpoints, Inside the control circle
Compass between pathsCompass-training in which the legs to be run are between two roads/paths. This makes evaluation easier as you can easily measure how far you are from the control. You also avoid big mistakes / a lot of searching.Compass
Compass training in pairsThe front runner has a white paper with only the course. The runner behind has a normal map with the same course. The front runner shall run on compass while the runner behind controls where they are. Exchange maps at each control.Compass
Control pickingRun a course consisting of a lot of short legs with many changes in direction.Compass, Map reading, Flow
Corridor orienteeringA corridor is drawn on the map, and the runner is to be inside the corridor at all times. The difficulty of the exercise can be adjusted by varying the width of the corridor, the terrain, the intensity etc. It is best to use GPS for evaluation of the exercise.Compass, Map reading, Flow, GPS evaluation
Fog trainingThe map is removed in most parts of the course - only some circles of the map is left in some places. The runner must use the compass to get between the areas with details. There may/may not be map inside the control circles.Compass
Night orienteeringRunning at night with limited visibility, is a very good map reading exercise as one has to be more exact in ones orienteering. Compass is also more important at night than in daytime. A normal course will do, but e.g. a corridor is even more interesting.Compass, Map reading
No-map compass trainingA course on a white sheet of paper with only the course drawn (no details at all).Compass, Distance evaluation, GPS evaluation
Reduced map compass trainingMake a course on a reduced map, where the reduced map is made by removing many details in such a way that the compass is the only option for orienteering. For example, you can have a map with only black details left. Use this for compass training.Compass
Remove map between controlsExercise for compass orienteering in which the area between controls is erased using OCAD or drawn black using a covering marker pen. You need to relocate with the features available when you come into the part with map.Compass, Relocation
Straight line orienteeringStraight lines are drawn between objects on a normal map. Use compass to go straight between the controls while reading the map along the line. For skilled orienteers, run at high intensity. Both compass and map reading exercise.Compass, Map reading