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O-technical Training: Training Tips

On this page we will collect training tips for o-technical training. Please add your training tips either directly in the text (for logged in users) or as a comment below.

Preparations and analysis

When doing orienteering technical training, preparations and post-analysis is just as important as the time you spend in the forest. You need:

  • Focused preparations: Knowing the aim of the training, will let you get the maximum out of the training.
  • Full focus during the training: Don't chat with your buddies during the o-technical training - you can do that during warm-up / run-down.
  • Thorough analysis after the training: The analysis after the training is the most important part of the training. What went wrong? Why? What went well? Why? See Training analysis for more details about this topic.

Details, details, details

O-technical training is all about details. You have to meet all possible challenges during your trainings - time after time - to handle the challenges when you are under high pressure in an important competition.


See this page listing different important elements for a good o-technique

Training in familiar terrain

Include a section about training in familiar terrain here.

Sprint Orienteering

Indoor orienteering

Use your gym for indoor orienteering - good technical training. Example courses:

Other training tips

Articles with o-technical training tips:

Make orienteering maps for o-training in "new" terrain

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