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Map Memory Exercises

Draw simplification mapDraw a simplification map of a leg / a course. A simplification map is a map containing only the details which are necessary to use in the orienteering. There is also a variant involving map memory. It is instructive to run the course on the simplification map afterwards.Map memory, Simplification, Theoretical exercise
Fast relocationA group of 3-6 runners run together. Only the leader is allowed to read the map. When approaching the area around a control, everybody is allowed to look at the map, and shall relocate and find the control as fast as possible. Take turn on being the leader.Map reading, Map memory, Relocation, Terrain memory
Map memoryThe runner gets a map showing the next control, and must memorize the leg. At each control, the runner gets another control.Map memory, Concentration
Map memory duoMap memory exercise in which two runners run together. At the start, the first runner memorizes the leg to the first control - then gives the map to the second runner. The first runner then runs to the first control - the second runner memorizes the leg to the second control while running behind. At the second control, the first runner gets the map again. Continue this way through the course, never stopping at the control.Map memory, Simplification
Play Catching FeaturesPlay the computer game Catching Features.Map memory, Theoretical exercise, Mental exercise, Terrain memory