Orienteering Exercises - Distance evaluation

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Distance evaluation Exercises

GPS Distance evaluationBuild up an accurate feeling for distance evaluation in different terrain types using your GPS. Try to run a specified distance in the forest (without looking at your map or GPS), e.g. 100 meters, and check your GPS when you think you have run this distance. Repeat in different terrain types / on paths etc.Distance evaluation, GPS evaluation
Map surveyingMap surveying is a good exercise in order to understand properly how a map is built up.Map reading, Theoretical exercise, Distance evaluation, Map understanding
No-map compass trainingA course on a white sheet of paper with only the course drawn (no details at all).Compass, Distance evaluation, GPS evaluation
Step countingDistance evaluation through step counting. Measure a distance on the map (e.g. 100 meters), and run the same distance in different terrain types and count your steps. Repeat until you get familiar with how many steps you need for a certain distance.Distance evaluation, GPS evaluation