Orienteering Exercises - Contours

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Contour Exercises

Brown mapA course on a contour-only map (brown map). The runner must focus on the contours in his/her orienteering as this is the only information on the map. Many variants are given.Contours, Map reading
Build contours in sandBuild the contours contained in a map either in sand or snow in order to show that you understand the concept of contours. This is a beginner exercise.Contours
Circular contour mapCourse on a circular contour-only map without north-lines. As the map is without north-lines, the runners can not use the compass to adjust the map to north, and thus it is necessary to concentrate more on reading the contours.Contours, Map reading
Follow the contourCourse where only a single contour is shown between controls (or between some of the controls). Good to use GPS in evaluation of the training.Contours
Line orienteeringA line is drawn on the map, and the runner is to be on the line at all times. The difficulty of the exercise can be adjusted by varying the terrain, the intensity etc. It is best to use GPS for evaluation of the exercise.Contours, Map reading