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Flow Exercises

Control pickingRun a course consisting of a lot of short legs with many changes in direction.Compass, Map reading, Flow
Corridor orienteeringA corridor is drawn on the map, and the runner is to be inside the corridor at all times. The difficulty of the exercise can be adjusted by varying the width of the corridor, the terrain, the intensity etc. It is best to use GPS for evaluation of the exercise.Compass, Map reading, Flow, GPS evaluation
Downhill orienteeringRun a downhill orienteering course in overspeed, i.e.faster than you normally would do in a competition.Flow, Overspeed orienteering
Keep the pen runningTake any map, and draw your planned route choice while keeping the pen running all the way from start to finish - never stopping even for half a second, planning your route as you draw.Route choice, Flow, Theoretical exercise, Route planning
Never stopRun a normal course, but you are never allowed to stop! That is, you have to keep running all the time. If you don't know where to run or need to relocate, you have to keep running on the spot (but this should be avoided, you should rather run more slowly ahead of this point).Map reading, Flow, Sprint orienteering, Map contact, Speed adaption
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