Orienteering Exercises - Pressure handling

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Pressure handling Exercises

Mass-start legsYou have a normal orienteering course. A group of 3-6 runners run together, and at each control there is a new mass-start. The goal is to be the first to the control each time. For 4 runners, you can e.g. have a scoring 4-2-1-0. Restart as soon as possible.Overspeed orienteering, Pressure handling
Multi-mass-start relayRelay with very short legs, in which there is a new mass-start for each leg. Each runner runs 4 legs, and there are 3-4 runners in each team. The first team coming in on each leg gets 4 points, the second 2 points, the third 1 point - the rest zero points. Points are added for the team. The next leg starts when the second last runner returns from the previous leg. Very intensive relay training with a lot of pressure on the runners. We usually get several DSQ'es as the runners do not tackle the pressure. This relay training is a lot of fun!Overspeed orienteering, Pressure handling