Orienteering Exercises - Map contact

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Map contact Exercises

Map without pathsMake a course on a map from which all paths have been removed.Map reading, Map contact
MicroA normal course is made, but for each control, there are several other controls within the control circle. There is no code on the controls, so the runner must decide which control is the correct one by studying the map and the control description. Some kind of penalty (penalty loop running, time penalty etc.) is given for each wrong control.Map reading, Simplification, Attackpoints, Map contact, Inside the control circle, Control description
Never stopRun a normal course, but you are never allowed to stop! That is, you have to keep running all the time. If you don't know where to run or need to relocate, you have to keep running on the spot (but this should be avoided, you should rather run more slowly ahead of this point).Map reading, Flow, Sprint orienteering, Map contact, Speed adaption
Reduced map trainingMake a course on a reduced map, where the reduced map is made by removing many details. For example, you can have a map with only vegetation details left.Map reading, Map understanding, Map contact