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Inside the control circle Exercises

Attackpoint identification trainingA special course is made in OCAD in which the area around the control is whited out. The runner must identify an attackpoint outside the whited out area, use the compass to get through the whited out area and into the control circle, and then orienteer accurately the last part to the control location.Compass, Attackpoints, Inside the control circle
MicroA normal course is made, but for each control, there are several other controls within the control circle. There is no code on the controls, so the runner must decide which control is the correct one by studying the map and the control description. Some kind of penalty (penalty loop running, time penalty etc.) is given for each wrong control.Map reading, Simplification, Attackpoints, Map contact, Inside the control circle, Control description
Prolong the controlFocus on making each control easier by "prolonging the control". Prolonging the control means to find features close to the control which are wider than the feature the control is placed on, i.e. you can have a larger error in your compass course and still find the control easily. There are several variants of this training - also a theoretical exercise.Simplification, Theoretical exercise, Attackpoints, Inside the control circle
Small circle - Big circleA course is given, and for each control in the course, there is a small ring denoting the attackpoint. In the forest, the attackpoint is marked by an orienteering flag, and the real control is only mared using a piece of paper. The runner shall run with relatively high speed to the attackpoint, and then continue carefully to the control.Simplification, Attackpoints, Inside the control circle
Traffic light orienteeringRun a normal course with varying difficulty. Before starting on each leg, have a plan ready for the coming leg in which you categorize your route into three categories: Green for the parts where you can run without much attention to the orienteering, orange for parts where you have to give some attention to the orienteering and red for the parts where you have to put a lot of attention to the orienteering (e.g. probably slow down significantly, based on your technique). Run the leg according to this plan.Concentration, Inside the control circle, Speed adaption
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